2020 Lenten Campaign

Caring for our Common Home

Our willingness to change and our desire to experience the Risen Lord can be fulfilled if we partake in prayer, fasting/abstinence and alms-giving. These tangible actions create space for us to encounter Jesus Christ, who is the reason for our conversion, the reason for us to be the best that we can.

The effects of our encounter with Jesus Christ is to renew our faith, and to touch every aspect of our lives and our relationships with others. The season of Lent offers us an invitation “for an ecological spirituality grounded in the convictions of our faith, since the teachings of the Gospel have direct consequences for our way of thinking, feeling and living” (LS 215). How can this spirituality motivate us to show by our actions a more passionate concern for the protection and care for our world today and for the future generations? How can this spirituality inspire us, encourage, motivate, nourish and give meaning to all of our individual and communal activities?

Further, does our faith help each one of us to appreciate, to be filled with gratitude, for the Gift of Creation that God has given us? Is our faith inviting or even challenging us to care for all of God’s creation so that we use all created things with respect and God-given dignity? Do we not as stewards of God’s creation have a responsibility to passionately protect, guard, wisely use and not waste or abuse nature and natural resources? Does our faith continue to invite us to “hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” (LS 49) - to grow in greater sensitivity and tenderness to care for all of creation – humanity, plants and animals, our forests and our seas?

In the third year of the three-year (2018-2020) Lenten Campaign themed “CARING FOR OUR COMMON HOME,” this has been our journey: 2018 – Stewards of Ecological Change 2019 – Encounter & Serve as Stewards 2020 – Stewards Protecting Creation Has the journey of praying, fasting, almsgiving led each one of us to encounter the Risen Jesus Christ in a more personal way and inspired us to care for and protect all of His creation? Have these three tangible actions increased our willingness to change our destructive habits, lifestyles and unsustainable consumption, convenience and throw-away culture that contributes to destroying God’s creation?

What more big or little steps could we continue to take to stop us from destroying our only Home, and make us truly Stewards Protecting Creation?


Fr Bernard Hyacinth Arputhasamy SJ
AOHD KL Director

Campaign Materials

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