Carl’s Kitchen Feeding Programme

The Carl’s Kitchen Feeding Programme for the poor and homeless was started in 2001. It is located at AOHD Bukit Nanas, and has been providing lunch to about 120-150 people without discrimination of age, gender, race and religion and nationality. It operates from Monday to Friday, except Public Holidays. The Kitchen also provides facilities for anyone to bathe, use toilets, wash clothes or simply to rest. With the assistance from the public, parishes and other Church organizations, we also provide clothing, shavers, soap powder & bathing soap. 

The Kitchen starts operation at 11.00 am to 1.00 pm. A hot drink (Milo, Nescafe or Tea) is served together with biscuits as they welcomed into the kitchen. With a full-time cook and volunteers scheduled to help prepare food, lunch is served at 12.00 noon consisting of steamed white rice, fish/chicken and vegetables plus fruit. Respecting people of other faiths and cultures, we do not serve pork and beef.

At least once a month, volunteer Catholic doctors give free medical check-ups to those in need, some medication while also referring them to hospitals should the need arise.

Since February 2018, AOHD embarked on a ‘pilot’ plan to explore possibilities of “teaching people how to fish” as a mid/long-term response. We would like to place more emphasis on the integral human development or holistic need rather than just feeding. Some of the more pressing issues we would like to address includes mental health issues due to addictions and stresses in life, providing them suitable skills training and employment towards a more self-reliant life.

A review of the current environment was done in order to re-assess the needs of the homeless/poor in the urban setting. Therefore, the feeding program was suspended as there is now sufficient number of feeding programs/soup kitchen serving food to the homeless/poor from breakfast to supper daily.

This ‘pilot’ plan consists of keeping the kitchen open from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm for hygiene purposes, i.e. providing bathing/hygiene facilities, washing & drying clothes facilities or simply to rest, a welcoming place to ‘lepak’. A hot drink and biscuits/snacks will be served as the people enter. If individuals want to bring food from other ‘soup kitchens’, they are welcome to eat it in Carl’s Kitchen.

In addition, it is meant to give space for a more personal interaction with volunteers. Thus, volunteers will still be needed to directly interact in a personal way with those who need a ‘listening’ ear, to encounter them as persons with dignity, to get to know them personally so that individual problems/issues could be brought to the attention of AOHD for mid/long-term resolution.


Alvin Santhanam
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Carl's Kitchen Feeding Programme was suspended since June 2018. This is due to relocation of AOHD's Office. Changes will be updated and notified to all concerned. 

Carl's Kitchen Feeding Programme

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