Ministry for Substance Users & HIV/AIDS

In the early 1990’s there were many people addicted to drugs and who were injected-users sharing needles and homeless. Many were seen around Kuala Lumpur city centre especially at St. John’s Cathedral. A ‘Welcome Drop-In Centre’ was established in 1995 at St John’s Community Centre, Bukit Nanas. 

Its purpose was to provide support, counselling, medical services and referral services to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). In 1998, Welcome Community Home (WCH) was founded in Batu Arang to accommodate the increasing number of patients and provide more space to help various aspects of the rehabilitation of each resident.

WCH provides shelter and holistic nursing care to men who are former substance users and people living with HIV/AIDS, especially those rejected by their families, friends and society.

We facilitate access to medical treatment, ensuring treatment and medicine compliance and consistent follow-ups at hospitals and clinics. We provide 3 nutritious balance meals a day. All these are given without any fees charged to the resident (patient).

We also attempt to facilitate reconciliation and acceptance between individuals and their families. Thus, residents are able to live and die in peace and dignity. In the event of death, we conduct a decent funeral service according to the individual’s religious/cultural preference.

The Home currently has 5 residents. More than 500 people have received care from 2008-2018, not counting those who came for short durations.


Any person or group is encouraged and welcomed to volunteer at Welcome Community Home. Please contact us.

Welcome Community Home accepts donations in kind (material) and monetary. Suggested food items include rice, oil and sugar, etc.

Note: * Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a disease of the human system caused by immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which is transmitted in many ways, e.g. sexual intercourse, contaminated blood transfusion and hypodermic needles and exchange between mother and baby during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. If one has an open wound, bodily contact should be avoided.


Restoring dignity and joy of living to persons with HIV/AIDS


To serve with respect and dignity men of all races and religions who need assistance to access and benefit from treatment of HIV/AIDS

A Catholic Response (from the Church's perspective)

Christians from every tradition can easily unit in 2 simple aims:

1. Unconditional compassionate care and love for people affected by HIV/AIDS
After the model of Jesus Christ - Jesus went around healing, forgiving and he looked with compassion on those who are hungry, thirsty, marginalised due to leprosy, etc. This is Kingdom Living.

2. Effective prevention, respecting and upholding the historic teaching of the Church 
Catholics (especially those who have not heard of WCH) are welcome to pay a courtesy visit in order to bring the love of God to the residents who are living with HIV/AIDS

Welcome Community Home

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