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Women Ministry

Prison Ministry

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Eccleslastical Assistant
Fr. George Packiasamy


Eccleslastical Assistant
Fr. Bonaventure Rayappan


Stephen Thiagarajah

About Us

The structure of the Prison Ministry consists of two EAs, the President, Vice president, Secretary 1 and secretary 2, treasure and 8 committee members and 20 parish leaders.


The Prison Ministry under CPFA does prison visits by volunteers with permits issued by Ibu Pejabat Penjara Kajang to minister to inmates the sharing of the gospel. The ministry will perform Easter mass with a priest who is a permit holder, and during the year end, conduct Christmas mass for all the 10 prisons which come under the KL archdiocese. Further, CPFA with the support of each parish with prison ministry, provides provisions for mothers who have given birth in prison, which is known as 'Mother-Child Care Program'. The individual parish will provide the supply on rotation for each month for the entire year.

The Prison ministry under CPFA offers a new lease of life for released prisoners, both men and women. CPFA has a joint venture with an NGO known as BAM Life, which supports and helps financially released inmates to return to their respective home country. Through BAM life released prisoners are engaged into employment according to the skills they possess. CPFA works hand in hand with Malaysian Care to provide shelter and residence for released prisoners until we reconcile them with their families under the U-Turn project, a joint effort between CPFA and Malaysian Care. 

CPFA is part of the National Prison Committee who is responsible to facilitate released prisoners to be integrated into society and develop career pathways for those with skills and talents.

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