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Ministry for Special Needs

Eccleslastical Assistant
Fr. Albet Arockiasamy


Gunavathi A/P Thurchinamurthy

About Us

Ministry for Special Needs was set up in July 2001 to cater to the needs of children with autism.

In our current times the need for a ministry for special needs is crucial as the number of individuals with special needs is increasing day by day. The struggles faced by families of these individuals is beyond comprehension, many suffer silently. The individuals with special needs and their families face discrimination and even rejection in many places including the church.

The Ministry for Special Needs exists to promote awareness and acceptance of individuals within the church community first and then to larger community outside. We want to offer hope to these families, be with them in their struggles and connect them to professional who can offer help and solutions for them.

Besides that, we work with parishes to help prepare and facilitate the reception of Sacraments for individuals with special needs and explore ways to integrate them into the liturgy by allowing them to be a part of the ministries, e.g., Hospitality, lectors, altar servers, choir, etc. 

What We've Done

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