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Women Ministry

Eccleslastical Assistant
Fr. Albet Arockiasamy


Susan Thomas

About Us

The Women Ministry (WM) under AOHD will focus on raising issues internally concerning Catholic women of all ages at all parishes as well externally reaching out to women from outside the church.


WM will be a conduit to listen to their issues, raise them up to the Archdiocese and provide the necessary help.  WM will also work with individual churches for the initiatives that they are doing, be present for their activities to show support and share with other churches to join and perhaps learn from each other's ministries.

We aim to be a platform to connect WM with each other to gather to fellowship, to mentor each other and connect in a safe, supportive environment and also to provide a neutral venue to conduct talks, workshops, support groups.

Activities of 2023 & 2024

Monthly Bereavement Support Group


Grief Art Therapy


Grief Art Therapy

By Theresa Choo

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