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Ministry of the Poor

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Eccleslastical Assistant
Fr. Albet Arockiasamy


Aaron Koh


Who We Are

'We must heed Tobit's words to Tobias: "Do not turn your face away from anyone who is poor."

"In a word," he continues, "whenever we encounter a poor person, we cannot look away, for that would prevent us from encountering the face of the Lord Jesus."
-Pope Francis

The Archdiocese Ministry of the Poor's objective is to strengthens the lives of all in need by giving help that empowers and hope that lasts. To this end, we affirm and support the dignity of all human life, strengthen families and serve the poor and most vulnerable.

We will be committed to the poor especially the homeless, urban poor families, single mother or to anyone in need to move from crisis and isolation to stability and growth. We work with the PIHDMs of each parish to journey with the individual/family on a case by case basis based on the geography of said individual/family. This way we ensure that we are able to assist in a sustainable yet wholesome manner.

Activities of 2023

Street Feeding with the Sikh Community

Street Feeding with the Clergy

Zoo trip with Orang Asli Children


Children Pool Day with Keluarga Kami & Yayasan Chowkit


Youth Shopping Day with SSVP Ozanam Home


World Day of the Poor 

What We Have Done

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